Food Intolerance

What is a Food Intolerance?

In essence a food intolerance is difficulty digesting foods or maybe having an unpleasant reaction to what you’re eating. It might come in the form of bloating and gas, or suddenly having to run to the toilet for an urgent poo.

Sometimes, you just feel overwhelmingly tired after eating and desperately need to close your eyes, no matter where you are.

However it shows up in your life, being intolerant to foods isn’t much fun and can wreak havoc on anyone trying to live a ‘normal’ life.

Having food intolerances causes an inflammatory response in your body which is not good for your immune system and might compromise your health in other areas. If allowed to continue, inflammation can lead to serious ill health and disease.

Brown toast - showing gluten intolerance

What causes Food Intolerances?

Most origins of food intolerance have their roots in something called Leaky Gut Syndrome.

The very delicate lining of our gut has tiny perforations in it – little holes through which you absorb your nutrition. Sometimes due to imbalances in gut bacteria and poor lifestyle choices and medication, those little holes become enlarged. This means that the stuff that should remain inside your gut for expulsion (waste products, food particles, nasty bacteria etc) finds its way into your bloodstream, triggering your immune system into an inflammatory response.

Leaky Gut

Illustration showing stomach cells with  and without leaky gut syndrome

Can you Fix your Food Intolerances?

Most food intolerances* can be fixed by healing the gut lining but leaky gut can take time and effort so don’t expect an overnight solution. My recommendation is to follow the Purify Programme as this will provide an excellent platform for you to change your inner landscape and allow for gut healing.

Some people like to have food intolerance tests performed so they have ‘evidence’ on which foods are causing the problem. This can be helpful for those who need a sense of certainty, but you still have to be prepared to completely eliminate trigger foods for a period of several months which can be challenging. You might need to retest again to see what is changed. I can recommend a reliable test for you (costs vary £150 – £350 depending on how many foods are tested).

*Not all intolerances are caused by leaky gut. E.g. I have a genetic intolerance to gluten which was identified in a Nutrigenetic DNA test. This test has provided me with detailed information on the foods I need to increase or avoid to support my ultimate health. I also know how well my body deals with toxins and the kind of exercise that suits me best (it helped me understand why running just isn’t my thing – phew!).

If you’d like to know more about this, we can have a chat to explore so just book a clarity call.

woman making a heart sign on her tummy to show she has a happy healthy gut
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