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You’re probably here for one of two reasons;

you know the importance of a strong and healthy gut and you’re looking to preserve and maintain your wellness

or …. you have a challenged gut and you’re ‘fed up’ with it!

An unhappy gut makes for a disrupted life. For example, it’s really hard to make plans when you don’t know how bloated you’re going to be on the day. Digestive problems stop you thinking straight, exercising regularly, dining out with friends, fostering relationships, being intimate, buying clothes….

Explaining about the more personal details of your gut gripes with others isn’t easy and can leave you feeling embarrassed, humiliated or even shamed at times. You might feel that you’re always letting people down at the last minute which compromises your personal values because you know you’re a fun loving, spontaneous and reliable person at heart.

When your gut is out of balance, life seems chaotic and feels unsafe, and it’s not much fun.

You know you’re a better person than your digestive problems allow you to be. You have lots to offer the world and you shouldn’t have to suffer like this, nor be relying on medication with horrible side effects just to get you through the day.

I totally get it. Health is your birthright and no-one should have to experience the discomfort, uncertainty and confusion that poor gut health creates. But how do you know what to do for the best?

legs of a woman on the toilet to illustrate bowel problems

Well, my name is Katherine Brooke and I’ve been helping bowels with people problems for over twenty years. I know, you think I’ve got that around the wrong way, but actually, when we do right by our gut it does right by us.

My approach for your gut health is to keep advice and recommendations as aligned with your highest natural expression as possible. I believe that bodies know how to heal and it’s my job to guide you to the right ingredients, and the right environment for that to happen. A natural health service is the way.

What we really need now is a plan..

Whilst there are commonalities amongst our experience of gut related problems, knowing what to do for the best is something that may need a more individual approach, so if you’re not confident about which next steps to take on your own, or you’d like to have a chat to discuss and explore your particular issues, please book a quick Digestive Health Consultation appointment with me.

Katherine The Gut Health Lady

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Committing to a healthy future

Integrity is one of my core values, so I promise to only offer advice or recommend products that I truly believe are in the best interest of your optimal gut health outcomes. I hate wasting time and being upsold garbage that I don’t need, so I won’t do that to you. And if I’m not able to help or we’re not a good fit, I’ll recommend someone who can take you on the journey that serves you best.

Here’s the list of the services on offer and the best thing you can do is take action today – that’s the first step in changing your health for the future…

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The Healthy Gut Clinic Testimonials

“Katherine is a true professional and has helped me not only from a physical perspective, but has also provided me with useful advice to support both my emotional wellbeing and mental health.”



“Katherine made me feel completely at ease without any embarrassment. Her highly professional manner and personal approach really made it so much less of a big deal to undertake.”



“Thanks to Katherine my quest for better health took on a whole new direction and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.”



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