The Gut Reset Programme

Why are gut bacteria so important for our health?

Several years back we began to see adverts on our TV’s promoting dairy products that support the health of our gut by introducing things called probiotics.

Your gut is teeming with life in the form of various bacteria, fungi and microflora. The collective term for this is your gut microbiome. Some of the bacteria keep you well, and some of them will make you poorly. The name of the game is to have more good bacteria than bad – a ratio of 85% to 15%. A happy and well populated gut microbiome is essential for a happy and healthy life.

Sadly there are many things in modern society that upset our gut bacteria. Things like antibiotics, foreign travel that can result in tummy upsets, prolonged periods of stress and prescription medication. A diet that is low in fibre, which involves the consumption of saturated fats, sugars and regular alcohol contributes to an internal environment that supports the negative bacteria.

Gut bacteria
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Issues caused by imbalanced gut bacteria

You’ll know that your microbiome isn’t doing so well if you feel generally poorly, lack energy, have food intolerances and sugar cravings, sleep badly, have functional bowel issues like constipation, diarrhoea or IBS, really smelly farts, bad breath, menstrual issues and persistently catch colds. Autoimmune disorders often have their origins in an imbalanced gut too.

Your microbiome also effects your mental health because the positive bacteria help to manufacture neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and GABA – which play a role in helping you to feel happy, engaged and confident. When you have more bad guys than good guys in your gut, you’ll likely feel anxious, depressed and often like you really can’t be bothered.

But the good news is this delicate and phenomenally influential aspect of your gut can be easily rebalanced and brought back to health using The Purify Programme – a 21 day supplement regime.

I began offering the Purify Programme from the clinic in September 2019 and I have supported hundreds of clients to navigate their way successfully through the 21 days to enjoy weight loss, improved bowels, body comfort, restorative sleep, better moods, confidence and peace of mind.

It’s not a complicated regime, and it’s structured in an easy to follow format, but clients have reported that having a mentor alongside for extra support and words of encouragement has been a welcome benefit.

None of us can see the view from the hilltop when we’re standing at the base camp, and it’s my job to keep you moving forward with your health goals in mind.

Here’s a quick video about the research and development of this phenomenal transformational programme:

The Scientific Excellence of the Purify Programme

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Good bacteria bad bacteria

Creating a healthy balanced microbiome

Purify has been clinically proven to give your microbiome the kick start it needs to fuel your body and enhance your performance.

During the three week period you will eat normal food from a recommended food list and take supplements in a prescribed format which is carefully laid out and easy to follow.

The objectives of this supplement programme are:

  • to heal, soothe and repair your gut lining
  • to rebalance the gut bacteria
  • to detoxify your body on a cellular level
  • to improve your heart health and circulation
  • to provide the nutrition your body needs for change
  • to strengthen your immune system
  • to help you pay closer attention to what you consume
  • to support you in letting go of the things that are holding you back
With the reduced consumption of simple carbohydrates and sugars whilst on this plan, your microbiome will be empowered by healthy nutrition which stimulates improved healing, raises energy levels and enhances mental clarity.

The Gut Reset Programme Testimonials

“I find myself now feeling more methodical somehow – far less scatterbrained – more focussed and I have more patience since completing Purify.

I have no sweet cravings and I am sleeping through the night. I wake feeling alert and I am much calmer in myself. My skin feels like velvet.”



“By week 2 I was surprisingly full! I didn’t need to eat that much in the day anymore. I didn’t want to eat anything sugary and I certainly didn’t fancy a coffee.

By the end of the intense week, my skin was clear, my acne had gone! My hair was thick and shiny, my cheeks rosy, and suddenly it was no longer such a horrific idea to look at myself in the mirror again.”



“The biggest high was that my constant allergy symptoms have almost disappeared. For many years I have struggled everyday with house dust mite and hay fever symptoms.
I noticed that I looked different with the black bags under my eyes fading, I was not feeling anxious or negative, my joints stopped aching, I didn’t feel bloated and my bowel movements greatly improved.”


What happens next?

The programme costs £260 collected from clinic (products can be delivered for +£9) and for this you will receive:

  • Set up call with Katherine
  • Clinically proven supplements for 21 days
  • 21 days community support
  • Lifestyle Analysis Questionnaire
  • Daily email contact
  • Access to 1-2-1 mentoring
  • Access to Facebook page for Purify Friendly Recipes
  • Follow up call with Katherine
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The Gut Reset Programme

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