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Is Your Gut Expressing Your Trauma?

The reason that so many people’s gut issues can take an age to resolve is simply that they’re putting their focus in the wrong place. Often, as soon as we have any kind of problem with our digestion, we question our diets and what we are eating in the hope of identifying the potential triggers to the problem so that we can eliminate them.

That’s okay and it will work for some folks, but it is often bypassing the real reason and can lead us, not just down a rabbit hole, but into the middle of a massive warren with no map out of there!

What gets missed time and time again is the influence of trauma.

I know, trauma can sound like a big scary word, but stay with me a while and let me debunk that for you.  The meaning of the word “trauma,” in its Greek origin, is “wound.” Whether we realise it or not, it is our woundedness, and how we learn to cope with it, that dictates a lot of our behaviour. Trauma shapes our beliefs, our values and identities, influences our social habits, and informs our ways of thinking about ourselves, our relationships and the world.

Illustration of a gut wrapped in barbed wire
Adults arguing and child upset covering ears
And like I said, it’s not always the big catastrophic or shocking events that qualify as traumas. It can be the more subtle experiences; emotional neglect in childhood, bullying in the workplace, teasing, feeling shamed or humiliated, unresolved grief or heartbreak. Or perhaps you grew up with alcoholic parents, witnessed domestic abuse, or had emotionally inconsistent care givers – all situations where you never felt safe or had your needs prioritised, and where you often felt your core identity was violated.

Unresolved issues from our past affect our nervous systems and natural expression, because our bodies are literally “holding” the memory of the event as if it is still happening – like keeping it alive in the present. As the gut is governed by these nervous systems, over time we see these masked traumas showing up as digestive problems like IBS and constipation, and mental health challenges like depression and anxiety.

The best way to think about it is like this, “trauma is not what happens to you, but what happens inside you as a response to what happened to you.”
Trauma is like a constriction of the natural self, both psychologically and physically, and if it remains unresolved (unreleased if you like) it constrains our intrinsic, natural capacities and generates an enduring distortion of our view of the world. Until we work it through, trauma keeps us stuck in the past, or afraid of the future – it literally robs us of the full experience of life.

So What Can We Do About It?

Handcuffs - breaking free

Essentially, we need to clear the memories and the identities associated with the experience. This can feel scary to a person who hasn’t faced it before. Many think it’ll be liking opening a can of worms, and spend years labouring under the illusion that they will be better off keeping the lid on them, but that isn’t true. If you safely take the lid off, you’ll find the worms just wiggle away, and you are unburdened and free again, in ways you can’t actually comprehend right now from your trauma identity.

I have recently qualified as an EMPR Practitioner. This is a revolutionary new method of dealing with trauma efficiently and effectively, without having to spend hours trawling through stories which often don’t result in effective change for the client.

The EMPR Method is not a counselling therapy, but a full integration technique and an elegantly simple way that helps to rapidly release trauma, harnessing the intrinsic power of the individual to allow healing both in the mind and the body. It transcends conventional therapies by meticulously unravelling the threads of past traumas and biases embedded in our memories.

In our sessions, we observe how your emotions, patterns and memories translate into behaviours, decisions and choices, and how your life is subconsciously or consciously guided by those emotions, identities, memories and patterns. We can also understand the impact this has on your body and your external environment including personal life, work places and communities.

EMPR uses a combination of ancient practices and wisdom, and the latest in neuroscience, linguistics and philosophy, to focus on rebuilding the client’s world by reassessing and determining new values and memories founded on their true identity, not their trauma identity.

Making a Booking

Some challenges can be resolved very swiftly and for others there is a process. It is my recommendation that six sessions are booked as a block which will be completed at the frequency of one session per week, for six weeks, but we would assess as we progress. A typical session time is around 40 minutes, but this may be adjusted depending upon the session and the client’s needs.

Sessions are carried out using Zoom. Please ensure you can create the space for yourself where you are warm and comfortable, and not likely to be disturbed by anyone.

Handcuffs - breaking free

We begin with a discovery call which will take around 30 minutes. In this call we will explore your needs and ensure we can work together effectively. There is a cost of £30 for this session, which will be taken off your block booking should you proceed, or refunded should you decline. You literally have nothing to lose.

Cost for six sessions (6 x 40 mins approx) £300

Trauma Release – The EMPR Method Testimonials

“EMPR sessions have been life-changing. I have recently undergone a course of six sessions with Katherine Brooke who, with exceptional skill and sensitivity, has enabled me to name, face up to, express and release a number of deeply held emotional patterns which for many decades have been causing significant problems in my life. It has been a powerful and at times uncomfortable journey but, with Katherine’s expertise and care, the process has led me to by-pass my normal pattern of trying to ‘talk’ or ‘think’ my way out of these issues; through careful enquiry and guided imagery I was able to experience directly the energy relating to long held difficulties, to feel where this energy was located and trapped in my body, and then using different techniques, to let go of and release the energy in a safe manner. “


“Katherine has offered me a safe and non-judgemental space to work through feelings and emotions that I don’t always understand. She’s particularly good at striking a balance between providing a listening ear and addressing the issues at hand. She has an eye for identifying behaviours and thought patterns that need addressing and asks probing questions that tries to get to the core of the issue. Katherine is caring and supportive; I’ve always felt safe and accepted despite having to explore past experiences and topics I’m uncomfortable to discuss.”


I have been astonished at the power of EMPR and surprised at how, in just a few sessions, I was able to bring to awareness, challenge and clear some long and deeply held ‘toxic’ emotional patterns. Part of the journey has been to recognise my own responsibility for negative events and difficulties in my life; to recognise and name what it was that I was unconsciously ‘holding on to’ has been challenging and I am profoundly grateful for Katherine’s compassion, support and non-judgment as she has guided me though this process. Now several weeks on and my experience of life has been of increased freedom and confidence. I am looking after myself in a more realistic and compassionate way, finding joy in unexpected places and a deeper and more loving connection with a number of key people in my life. I am so grateful for my sessions in EMPR and for Katherine’s exceptional gifts as an EMPR Practitioner.
Mrs N


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