Meet The Healthy Gut Team

The Healthy Gut Clinic was founded in 2015 by Katherine Brooke, primarily as a colon hydrotherapy practice, but over the years new services and products have been introduced as a way of providing a “top to bottom” level of cover to people suffering from gut related problems.

In 2023 Katherine qualified in a groundbreaking coaching/therapeutic model called the EMPR Method which enables her to support clients whose gut issues are born of unresolved mental/emotional challenges and trauma.

And now, we can announce the arrival of Caroline Legg. Like Katherine, Caroline is a qualified colon hydrotherapy practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and personal experience, and she joins The Healthy Gut Clinic in July 2024.

Read on to find out more about The Healthy Gut Clinic Team.

Katherine Brooke

Katherine Gut Health Specialist

My name is Katherine Brooke and I run The Healthy Gut Clinic.

I was trained in Colonic Hydrotherapy at the National College of Holistic Medicine in Poole, Dorset by Dr. Milo Siewert MD (Mex) MACH RT ND MT in 2005, with further study completed at the European School of Colonic Hydrotherapy. I also have a B.A.(Hons) Degree and Licentiate in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture, and have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’m a qualified EMPR Practitioner and a qualified mBIT Coach (that stands for Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) and have certificates in EFT and PSYCH-K®️ too.

I’m an international speaker and bestselling author on the subject of gut health and poo, and have spoken at events alongside Joe Vitale (one of my personal gurus!) and Marie Diamond from the hit film “The Secret”..

I am expertly trained, highly experienced and fully insured.

Phew.. that’s got the formal training stuff out of the way.

So this is me and my ethos:

I’ve been in the complementary health field for over two decades and I am totally fascinated by the complexities and influences of gut health. For me, the gut is at the centre of our health, impacting many, if not all, of our bodily systems and it is inextricably linked with our divine guidance too.

I work with my clients holistically, meaning I aim to understand how your gut problems affect your quality of life, and how your lifestyle choices influence your gut problems.

In a consultation I ask questions about your work, your stress levels, relationships, family responsibilities, diet, lifestyle, emotional background, historical traumatic events, travel habits, historical and present medication – as all of these things influence the welfare of your gut. It’s about so much more than just food, although this does play a part too.

As your ‘healthy gut’ guide, I can advise you on how to create lifestyle habits that will support your gut health going forward, but you need to be aware that it is not an overnight solution and not all recommendations are fun and some might be downright inconvenient!

For me, nature knows what to do and we mostly only get sick when we mess around with the natural order of things.

... continued

That said, life is about balance and I’m not a saint. I have the odd alcoholic drink, I love chips and chocolate (not on the same plate!), I probably don’t exercise enough and I often overthink things which can make life harder than it needs to be!

I have some chubby bits, the occasional spot and a few aches and pains as I increase my years on the planet because I am human, but I’m hardly ever ill, I have bags of energy, a positive spirit and an enquiring mind.


Life is good because me and my gut are best friends.

It’s been my observation over 20+ years in practice that our present health model in the UK leaves a lot to be desired. Ironically, our health service is overwhelmed as a result of the dependent culture that it has created.

Western (or what you might call conventional) medicine is the absolute best at dealing with physical trauma and emergencies, but when it comes to advice and recommendations for gut health, the average GP comes up empty handed.

Many people feel they are being fobbed off with medications that don’t work. They don’t get relevant advice or education, and this is very frustrating for those individuals wanting to take responsibility for their health.

Slowly, we are beginning to recognise that health really embraces the mental and the spiritual aspects of all life. If we were robots, then conventional medicine really is great, but we are not just machines; we are a complex array of emotions, psychology, beliefs, spiritual paths, past lives etc.

And that’s where I come in…

I have learned a great deal from having treated literally thousands of clients, attended loads of webinars, had hours of therapy, read a gazillion books and never camped out in my comfort zone.

Personal growth and development, raising my energetic vibration, and being as authentic as I know how to be is at the heart of my work. I don’t know everything, but one thing I know with absolute certainty is this:

You are more capable of healing than you have ever been allowed to believe…

.. and I’d love to support you in that area of self discovery.

Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie

Caroline Legg

about Caroline at the healthy gut clinic

I am very excited to be joining Katherine at The Healthy Gut Clinic, as a Colon Hydrotherapist, qualifying through the Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH).

I find colonic therapy fascinating but hadn’t really appreciated the magical sewage management system that is our colon until now. Anything in our lives that interrupts, stops, stagnates, or flushes our poop out too quickly, is detrimental to our overall well-being by causing toxicity overload and subsequent fermentation and putrefaction.

The impact of poorly colons and digestion in our everyday lives simply isn’t given enough time and consideration, so any therapy that improves our digestion and therefore our sewage outlet is important to seek. The effects of colonic treatments are always holistic and far reaching, especially when you consider that 90% of our serotonin and 50% of our dopamine is made in the gut.

The first aspect to healing that we all require is to be heard, seen and have our experiences validated and honoured. The second, is the understanding of the healing quartet; illness and physical pain is a hard task master that demands us to look at our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of “being human”. The third aspect is all about balance and using everything at our fingertips that all forms of medicine can give. The fourth, and probably most important aspect is, what we put into our bodies, so diet and how we manage our stresses.

My deep delve into all things health has been to empower myself. Everything I discuss, I have personally tried. Around the age of 30 I had ovarian cysts removed and was diagnosed with endometriosis and IC, (interstitial cystitis).

A few years later I became either bed or house bound with M.E/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and spent a year at home. Coming out of that, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and these conditions combined, left me with many musculo-skeletal issues alongside chronic and severe IBS. My primary focus was to heal, learn and manifest myself out of these conditions and I am pleased to enjoy good health again as the reward for my efforts.

Colon hydrotherapy has been a part of my journey to healing. I consider it as a sparkling gem of a therapy but don’t be fooled into thinking it is a modern treatment. It’s actually noted in the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, so it’s easily over 4000 years old.

The physical clearing out of the colon is so tangible and highly satisfying for both practitioner and client, and you will find that as you clear physically, emotional and mental blocks will lift too.

I will look forward to sharing my experience and wisdom, and helping you on your journey to better health.

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