The CLEAR Path to a Healthy Gut – In Person Workshop

Education – Inspiration – Transformation

Years ago, when we became sick or felt a bit poorly, the first port of call was our local doctor. And, back in the day, the family GP knew us well because he or she had worked as part of our community for years and often our family history would be known to them, which gave our symptoms a context. We felt we were part of a care system that was well informed, and had our personal history woven through it.

Sadly our present day does not reflect the same practice and we are now sometimes feeling overlooked and misunderstood, over medicated and a bit frustrated by the level of care we are receiving from our local GP. This results in many of us looking to find our own solutions.

So next we turn to “Dr Google” and get even more confused! Within minutes we can turn our moderate IBS symptom into raging bowel cancer, and convince ourselves that we need to get our affairs in order before we checkout at the end of the month.

What is lacking is education..

So what we need is sensible, grounded, relevant information that everyone can apply to their lives to support their gut health and return themselves to a radiant and vital existence.

And that is why I have created The CLEAR Path to a Healthy Gut. A day long, in person workshop that will give you all the tools you need to succeed at living happily ever after with your gut.

We will explore five topics which influence your wellness and are related directly to your gut and quality of life. These are:

C – Capacity to Change
L – Lifestyle Influences
E – Environmental Factors
A – Authentic Self Expression
R – Release and Rejuvenation

The health of your gut can make or break your daily life experience because, if your gut isn’t happy, neither are you.


So, in this workshop you will:

  • learn about your gut and digestive process without it being a heavy biology lesson
  • learn how your psychology influences your success or failure, and be given ways to overcome self-sabotaging behaviour that creeps in when you’re trying to make changes for the better
  • see how your lifestyle either helps or hinders your gut health and learn how you can create structured ways of changing your regular habits quickly and effectively
  • learn how your internal and external environment influences your gut (microbiome) and how to manage both successfully for improved health and wellbeing
  • learn how hidden trauma influences gut behaviour and how to explore your inner guidance (gut feelings) and authentic expression through head, heart and gut brain integration
  • realise why it is so important for your body to relieve itself of waste and how you can do this simply and effectively by yourself at home, or with support from a professional practitioner
I know it sounds like a lot to take in, but we will also have lots of tea breaks, share some stories, some giggles and probably make some good friends too, because people with gut problems know what it’s like to live with gut problems.

If we’ve not already met then I just want to reassure you that this workshop will be both educational and informative, but also relaxed and good humoured, because that’s how I roll…
My intention is to create a really positive and life changing experience for you. So click the link, sign up and I’ll see you on the day.

Ultimately, you have all you need within you to heal and feel better. It will be my pleasure to show you that the power is yours, and that feeling well and happy is just around the corner.

What you will need:

  • Please arrive on time. Registration is between 9.00 – 9.30am
  • Tea and coffee is provided but please make provision if you have special dietary requirements (milks etc).
  • Please bring your own lunch. You’re welcome to remain at the venue to eat what you bring.
  • You will need to bring a notepad and a pen.
  • Learning is easier when you’re relaxed and comfortable so dress for less stress!
  • Also, where possible, please bring a willing heart and an open mind xx
Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie

The CLEAR Path to a Healthy Gut

Date: Sunday 26th March 2023

Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Venue: The Vitality Rooms, 4b Cavalier Court,
Bumpers Farm, Chippenham

Cost: £47

The CLEAR Path to a Healthy Gut

Date: Sunday 4th June 2023

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm
Venue: The Vitality Rooms, 4b Cavalier Court,
Bumpers Farm, Chippenham

Cost: £47

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