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Katherine Brooke

My name is Katherine Brooke and I was trained in Colonic Hydrotherapy at the National College of Holistic Medicine in Poole, Dorset by Dr. Milo Siewert MD (Mex) MACH RT ND MT in 2005, with further study completed at the European School of Colon Hydrotherapy. I also have a B.A.(Hons) Degree and Licentiate in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture, and have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine.


I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of men and women, aged from 18-80, and from all walks of life and as a result, I have an extensive client base. Some have regular treatments such as every 6-8 weeks, and others visit quarterly or as and when they need a little extra help. It is a privilege to be given the trust to work with people in this potentially embarrassing and vulnerable area, and I never take that for granted.

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My Story

It is my feeling and observation that, due to the pressures and stresses of modern day living, we sometimes get lost along the way. And, when we lose sight of ourselves, we manifest often unpleasant symptoms to bring awareness to the problem so that we might bring ourselves back to balance and, literally, back to life.


Colonics can help you in this process by clearing the rubbish out of your system, wiping the slate clean and enabling you start afresh. It really can be as simple as that. Wouldn’t you like to feel more present every day, more comfort in your body, more freedom in your mind?


This is how it was for me many years ago. Events had occurred in my younger life which caused me to make some poor lifestyle choices and I ended up living with the results of those choices- constipation, bloating, piles, headaches, chronic menstrual issues. And those were just the physical problems! I was depressed, apathetic and really lost. I felt very guilty for the abuse I had inflicted on my body and I was paying the price for that on a daily basis. Put simply, I couldn't understand where my life had gone so wrong. Where was that person that I used to know- the one that was full of potential, full of life and joy, full of hope and inspiration?


She was there all the time- she had just been covered up! When I began having Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments, all the gunk that was polluting my system; physically and emotionally, began to clear away and I emerged beneath.


And yes, I was really scared when I did it first, but I have never looked back. Not once. In fact, it changed my life so much that I set about training to become a Colonic Hydrotherapist so that I might be instrumental in creating change for others.


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Kiran Rajput

Hi my name is Kiran Rajput, I am half Indian and half Welsh! I have been a psychiatric nurse for 28yrs working with teenagers suffering emotional distress to older people with a diagnosis of dementia. I have worked with families in crisis and with individuals who are feeling at risk of taking their own lives.  I have felt privileged to work with these people and I feel I have grown myself through doing this kind of work.


In my own life, I have been immersed in personal development and self help over the years and regard my spiritual needs as fundamental to good mental health and wellbeing.  


As a teenager I suffered greatly with acne, headaches and lethargy and was naturally drawn to discover colonic hydrotherapy in my mid twenties.  I had tried every kind of anti-biotic and even hospital prescribed drugs but nothing helped. What I found was that colonics  helped me enormously. I can have the odd break out now but through colonics I can help my body release toxicity and feel lighter and brighter and clearer.  I feel youthful and energised after a colonic.


I was planning to train in colonic hydrotherapy in 1999 as I wanted to be involved in a really holistic, body based therapy but I had my twin daughters instead! I continued with nursing within the NHS as it has also been a job I have loved.


In 2016 however after knowing Katherine for 8yrs, she invited me to join her clinic which gave me the impetus to finally get myself trained.  I am learning about the microbiome and how to support ourselves through eating healthful foods including more friendly bacteria. I hope to be learn a lot from Katherine as she is the most skilled, integrated and professional therapist one could hope to find. I look forward to meeting you and hope I have put you at ease through my biography.  Colonic hydrotherapy is a very intimate and personal experience but it can also be as down to earth as you may like it to be but with total dignity and respect upheld at all times.