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Most people know that their gut is responsible for digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food they consume, but did you also know that your digestive tract governs approximately 85% of your immunity and manufactures around 80-90% of something called Serotonin, which can affect mood and social behaviour, appetite and digestion, sleep and memory, to name a few. So if your gut is happy and healthy, you’ll be happy and healthy too.


Ultimately, gut problems and digestive issues like constipation, IBS and bloating impact heavily on your quality of life, so it’s important to get this sorted out, so that you can live your life with comfort and confidence.

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The Healthy Gut Clinic offers a range of treatments and services to those suffering from digestive discomfort, and those simply looking to maximise their health through preventative measures.


Nowadays, more and more people want to understand how best to support themselves, and many are unhappy to take more pills to combat their symptoms. Hippocrates stated that all disease begins in the gut, so it really is essential that you take care of this incredibly influential part of your body.


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My name is Katherine, and I have been in practice as a Colon Hydrotherapist for over ten years, and have worked with men and women from ages 18-80 and from all walks of life. I am fully qualified, fully insured and am a member of ARCH (Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists) which is the largest professional body of Colon Hydrotherapy in the UK. I’m also a member of CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).


I really do understand that dealing with digestive complaints can be embarrassing for some, and often people suffer in silence for far longer than necessary, but I hope you will feel reassured by some of the testimonials here.

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'Katherine gives a professional service of the highest standard and

yet still manages to maintain a completely relaxed atmosphere.'

D.L. Bristol