Stop guessing - get the right support

Nutritional consultation with Taryn Roberts can help you sort through all the conflicting advice out there and get the right support for your body, your life and your symptoms. 


Prior to the consultation, you will be sent a link to a health questionnaire, plus a food and lifestyle diary to complete. Completing this beforehand allows us to maximise the time we spend focused on solutions during your appointment.

We will discuss your main symptom or complaint, your medical history, food intake and lifestyle which allows us to gain an understanding of your current health status. It is recommended that you have any recent medical test results to hand (last 6 months). 

What's involved? 

Your nutritional consultation will last 60-90 minutes and is carried out via Zoom. You will need to have Zoom installed for the call but Taryn will send you the link and take care of everything else. If you don't have Zoom, you can download here to prepare for your consultation. 

After your first session, we will book in your ‘Recommendations’ session (included in the price). This is 30 minutes and we will talk through your personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice. We may also discuss a supplementation plan if required.

Cost for preparatory materials and both sessions: £150

Contact Taryn to book: 


tel: 07501 171019

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