Treatment Description

Touch is so important. Allowing it as well as giving. The benefit of deep sensory relaxation has been proven over and over. Self-care is an investment in your life. 


If you can give yourself the gift of a single hour or more of touch, rest and kinaesthetic support through massage every week, fortnight or even every month, it can change the way you feel about yourself.


If you have any questions please contact Lotus:

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Treatment options


Simply Massage

A relaxing environment and a full body massage - just the thing for a busy life. Stress has such a strong impact on our gut health that this compliments a regime of colonics perfectly. It's something you can book in the same week as a colonic, as part of a package below or regularly on its own to supplement a healthy body routine. Touch is the magic relaxing power that our bodies respond to.

£55 - 75 mins


A bit of both - abdominal massage and colonic (returning clients only)

If you have had a colonic with us in the past, you'll know that we always use a little massage throughout the treatment to help move things along and for relaxation. With this option, I will spend 15 mins at the start of your treatment focusing fully on abdominal massage. This can help you relax and prepare to be in a calm state for your colonic treatment and can also get things loosened up to help with the effectiveness of treatment.

£80 (for returning clients only) - 1hr 15 mins

The ultimate luxury package - full body massage and colonic

A relaxed state and the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system can positively affect a colonic treatment. With this package, experience the ultimate in relaxed states with a full body massage with oil followed by your colonic. You can move seamlessly from one to the other and enjoy more than two full hours of treatment. Many people don't realise that a colonic, when presented in a well-held and safe space, can be deeply relaxing.


To book this option, you need to check that there are two consecutive appointments before booking your massage. When you have booked, you will automatically be asked if you want to book another treatment. Click this button and go back through to book your colonic in the next slot. If you prefer, you can contact me and I can do this for you.

£55 (massage) & £90 (colonic) for new clients - 2 hours 30 mins - includes 15 min consultation

£55 (massage) & £70 (colonic) for returning clients - 2 hours 15 mins

Gift vouchers for massage are available upon request.

Contact for details.

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