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Hello everyone!


On the first Tuesday of each month in Chippenham, I'll be hosting a meeting for people with a general interest in gut health. You might have problems yourself like constipation or bloating, or just be interested in understanding more about how your body works.


The meetings will comprise a half hour informative talk either by myself or a guest speaker, on the subject of all things "tummy", followed by an opportunity to share experiences, top tips, and offer general support. These gatherings will be educational, but friendly and informal.


There'll be a cost of £1 to go towards room hire and refreshments will be on offer.


If you're interested and might want to come along, drop me an email!


It seems to me that there are a lot of people out there experiencing pain, discomfort and confusion, who are asking questions and wanting to understand the hows and whys of their inner workings. If you know someone like that, please share this information with them and let's hope that together, we can get to the bottom of some of their digestive difficulties.

Next meeting : Constipation

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