It’s What’s Inside that Counts

a gut health, self-care weekend with Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie
12th – 14th March​ - an online event

This offering will help you focus on yourself, your gut health and your next steps. Take one weekend to nurture your body and learn about your internal processes in a way that will have lasting results. 

Everyone is talking about gut health these days. But what is it? Why does it matter? Can it really have that big an impact on your life? 

Learning to listen to your body, take care of your gut, and boost your health gives you the ability to take your life to another level. Improved energy levels, a decrease in problematic symptoms and a whole host of other benefits are possible with the right gut support. 

Event Description

This is an online event. We’ll come together a few times on Zoom over the weekend. In between, you’ll be guided by email support which will help you look at your life and make changes that will benefit you. 

What will happen? 

On 10th March, you will receive a preparatory email letting you know how to prepare for the weekend. 

Over the course of the event you will be offered (times are given as a rough guide and may be subject to change): 

  • five emails containing tips, questions, exercises and some fun resources 

  • two gut health talks from published author and gut health guru – Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie (7.30pm, Friday & Saturday, 60 - 90mins)

  • two yoga sessions with Chie Sibbring (10.30am, Saturday & Sunday, 60 mins)

  • two guided morning sessions – intention setting and other practices (8.30am, 30-45mins)

  • two open sharing sessions guided by health-related questions of the day (12pm, Saturday & Sunday)

On Sunday evening, we will offer a talk where we discuss other support and products that we offer. This talk is entirely optional and is not an essential part of the offering. We do want to continue to support you though, so please come along if you feel like this is only the beginning of your journey. 

It’s also important to note that all sessions are optional and you can pick and choose as you feel. This is your journey and the emails are there to support your process even if you do not attend some sessions. There is no pressure here. 

We will record the gut health talks and will endeavour to release them as soon as possible after they take place so you can catch up. However, we cannot guarantee the timings on this. 

Who’s involved? 

Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie
Katherine is an experienced Colon Hydrotherapist, PSYCH-K Facilitator and mBIT Coach. She’s studied Chinese Medicine and has a BA (Hons) Degree in Traditional Acupuncture. Katherine is also an author and international speaker on the subject of holistic gut health and runs The Healthy Gut Clinic in Chippenham, Wiltshire. 

Katherine’s personal experience, and decades in the field of complementary health, have enabled her to support thousands of people to improve their quality of life through focussing on their gut health. She has spent countless hours researching, attending workshops, webinars, therapies and exploring what it means to be “healthy” within the realms of an individual’s self-awareness.

Her empowering healing journey inspires other health seekers to have the guts to live an authentic and naturally healthy life, in line with their innate gut feelings and intuition.

Chie Sibbring
Chie has been teaching yoga for around 15 years. She currently offers classes online but normally teaches at the popular Santosha Studio in Chippenham. There she offers yoga teacher training, regular classes and pre-natal yoga. For this event, she is offering gentle yoga that is focused on supporting your gut health. You can find out more about Chie here: 

How much does it cost? 

  £95 - this covers all sessions. 

To ensure that the weekend feels spacious, we are only offering a limited number of places. Book early to avoid disappointment. 

How to book

Simply click on the link below to be taken to Eventbrite to book. You will receive confirmation of your booking and then the next email you will receive will be 10th March. Please look in your spam and other folders on that date and contact us ASAP if you have not received anything.