All the practical things you need to know are below. However, there are always more abstract questions that occur to people when they are about to have a colonic such as 'what about farting?' or 'where does the poo go?'. All of these are welcome too. Many details like this are covered in our free ebook which you can check out here


Please do contact Lotus if your question is not answered below (email: lotuscolonics@gmail.com, tel: 07835 555142). We are always happy to hear from you.

Is it a painful procedure?

No, it is not painful. Some clients experience a slight cramping sensation when waste or gas has accumulated but this is only mild discomfort and passes after a few seconds.


How much does it cost?

Information on charges and availability can be found on the Costs & Booking page.


Will I be okay to drive home afterwards?

Absolutely. You should be able to resume your normal day.


How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on your presenting condition and general health, however, it is generally recommended to have a minimum course of three colonics.


Is it a safe procedure?

Yes. All speculums and equipment are single-use and disposable.


Are there any negative side effects?

Unlike regular use of laxatives, which encourage bowel laziness and have many negative side effects, colonic hydrotherapy is not habit forming and in fact, improves muscle tone.


Can I have a colonic if I have my period?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to have a colonic whilst having your period. In fact, it can often help to reduce period cramps and discomfort.


What should I eat before and after I have my treatment?

You would be advised not to have a large meal before or after your colonic but do eat something. Try to avoid rich, fatty meals and alcohol after your treatment.


What do I have to wear?

Please just wear your normal clothing. You will be given a towel or a gown to use during the procedure to maintain your dignity.


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