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Monday, 25th November

7pm - 8pm



Langley Building, Kington Park, Near Kington St Michael, Chippenham, SN15 5PZ


In this 45 minute talk, you will learn what the gut microbiome is and how it is affected by our daily choices around our diets, lifestyle and general environment. The gut microbiome is a complex community of over 100 trillion microbes and has the power to determine our mental health, our food choices and our ability to fight off life threatening illnesses. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression and autism as well as obesity, bowel cancer, IBS, Crohn’s disease and inflammation, plus many more illnesses, can be improved by balancing our gut microbiome.


Improve your Health through Your Gut Microbiome

with Katherine Brooke-Mackenzie

Thursday, 9th January

7.30 - 9pm

£7 till 20th December, £10 thereafter

Leafield Way Leafield Industrial Estate, Corsham, SN13 9RS

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The Christmas and New Year festivities can often leave us feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Perhaps you've already decided that 2020 will be the year that you get a better handle on your health and wellbeing.


You might be finding your clothes are a little bit too tight at the moment, or maybe you're just sick and tired of feeing sick and tired? Whatever the reason you'll be happy to know that with a little guidance and understanding, you can steer yourself back to radiant health - literally within a few weeks - when you start taking care of your gut.


Wouldn't you like your daily life experience to include a comfortable body, boundless energy and confidence to handle whatever life throws at you? Even mental/emotional challenges such as anxiety and depression can be helped by addressing our gut problems.


You see, our gut literally has a mind of its own, and it influences our choices and habits in more ways than we can imagine. When the bacterial environment in our gut is out of balance, we experience all manner of disease states, ranging from the recurring common cold, to auto-immune diseases such as fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis. Even food cravings, especially for sugar, are an indication of an imbalance within our gut environment.


Paying attention to our poo is something that we all ought to be doing and I'll be sharing information with you that can help you understand what is happening in your gut - so that you can do your own stool analysis!


Just sharing a bit of my own story with you, mid 2019 I was starting to worry. At the age of 49 I was gaining weight at an uncomfortable rate, but blamed the menopause and the "middle aged spread." I kept thinking I'll get a handle on this soon, and then another week would pass and I'd slipped off my diet or eating plan, and felt that usual sense of despair and fear. I didn't like the way I looked in the mirror either; I was kind of puffy and swollen and no matter what clothes I wore, I never felt comfortable. I had lots of subtle aches and pains around my body - nothing too debilitating - but getting up and down the stairs was causing me to puff and groan. In a very deep part of myself, I was frightened that I may never find the way back.


But thankfully I have, and despite being in the field of gut health for many years, I was missing something that was right under my nose - the influence of the human microbiome. By following a tailored programme and adjusting my diet slightly, I've lost 5kgs in weight (10cms off my waist and 6cm off my hips). I promise this is not some inflated sales pitch. Good though this is, the most valuable part for me has been the freedom from the shame I felt at letting things get so bad, and the fear that I was out of control and didn't know what to do without a supreme effort of self discipline - which is something I'm not especially good at! I have loads more energy and much more comfort in my body. I also find that the things that would previously have triggered my anxiety, are no longer pressing my buttons. I feel very lucky.


Come along to this talk to find out about the programme that I followed and how, through making the right adjustments, you can find yourself back on the path to health and wellness in a relatively short space of time. It'll certainly be informative and probably quite surprising!

Get Your Gut Into Gear for a Healthy New Year!

with Katherine Brooke-Mackenzie

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