An Introduction to a Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

This is a wonderfully simple but informative guide for any person considering Colonic Hydrotherapy as a means of health improvement. The description of the treatment is detailed yet light-hearted, gets right to the bottom of the matter, and makes a potentially uncomfortable subject easy to understand. With anecdotes, testimonials and an honest account of the author’s personal journey into colonics, this book offers a comprehensive introduction to the experience.

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Praise for the book

As a nutritional therapist, I know how important it is to have a healthy gut. It just made sense to have a colonic, however, I procrastinated for ages before I plucked up the courage to have one. I am so pleased Katherine has written this book to explain the treatment and to help dispel the fears people may have. It is an honest, no-nonsense account of what to expect and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about having Colon Hydrotherapy.

Catrina Crute, Dip NT, Cert Allergy Therapy, Register of Allergy Therapists


This book is an essential read for anyone about to embark on the path of sorting out not just their bowels, but their lives. Colon Hydrotherapy is more than just a bowel cleanse- it can be the first step into self-enquiry and greater self-acceptance. We store stress and emotions in our body and as we hold on to out-dated modes of belief and resist the natural flow of life, it shows up as physical ailments. No more so than in our digestive system – literally where we process all the inputs of our life and the seat of our gut feelings.

Claire Murphy, Yoga Teacher and Founder of The Santosha Yoga Studio, Wiltshire

Quotes from the book

'It is my experience that "the thing going up your bottom" bit is what is at the forefront of peoples fears, but honestly, it's nothing like you think and nowhere near as unpleasant'


‘Everyone presents with their own set of problems but all you have to do is be willing to give something new a try. Do you ever feel that some part of you got hidden, or even lost, along the way? The essence of who you really are; that excited, motivated, engaged, loving and awesome person is still in there – all we need to do is clear away the rubbish that is hiding it, wipe the slate clean and let the real you shine through.’


‘In the morning when I awoke I felt as if someone had given me back ten years of my life. I looked different to myself in the mirror. There was a vitality present that I had not seen for ages.


My skin tone was bright, my eyes shining and I had access to bags of energy that I had not experienced for years. I cannot put into words the differences that I experienced. It was profound.’


‘…. some information will be needed about your bowel habits and diet. Lots of people are really uncomfortable about talking about poo, especially their own poo. Remember that the practitioner talks about poo for a living so it’s unlikely that you are going to say anything that they will feel uncomfortable with. Use terms that are easy for you.’