Constipation is a common condition that affects people of all ages. It can mean that you're not having a poo regularly or you're unable to completely empty your bowel when you do go. Constipation can also cause your stools to be hard and lumpy, as well as unusually large and uncomfortable to pass.  


The severity of constipation varies from person to person. Many people only experience constipation for a short time due to a lifestyle change, for example, but for others, constipation can be a long-term (chronic) condition that causes significant pain and discomfort and affects their quality of life.


There are many causes of constipation, some physical and some psychological/emotional.  If you’re suffering from this problem, you’ll likely have already tried all sorts of different laxatives, which might have given you some temporary relief, but shortly after, you’ll find yourself back where you started again.  


Colonic Hydrotherapy can be very supportive in the cleansing of congested bowels, and it can help educate your bowel to perform better, which is ultimately what you want. The warm water helps to soften and remove the waste matter that has accumulated in your intestines, enabling the bowel to move freely and do the job it was designed for.


It is important to note that, if you’re severely constipated and only having a poo about once a week if you’re lucky, you’re advised to have your consultation with me as a separate appointment to your treatment.  During your consultation, we will discuss what’s happening for you and how and when the problems started, with a view to understanding your bowel’s behaviour.


First Appointment
Consultation and Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment

1.25 hours, £90.00


Repeat Appointments
Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment

1 hour 10 mins, £70.00

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