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By Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, Sep 27 2019 07:49AM

I've been reflecting on something from my Traditional Acupuncture Degree back in 1999.

In the first year of study, along with learning about acupuncture needles, meridians and anatomy, we were required to focus on the natural world. We were encouraged to feel into the energy of each season, and to observe as many changes and shifts as we could and contrast them with each other. We had to study plants, trees and animals, light and darkness, and even smells! At the beginning of that first year, I couldn't really appreciate the value of such a quest, but I have since gained untold benefit from that experience. It has served to support my understanding of my own health and process, and enabled me to get a better handle on that of my clients too.

Is it a fair assumption that most people enjoy a good nature programme on the TV? We are in awe of the capability and order of our natural world aren't we? Yet we tend to observe nature like we are separate from it - like nature is something that is "out there" happening in a field or distant plain or ocean, and us humans are merely the observers of this phenomenon! But that is not true and if we really want to live stronger and healthier lives, we must integrate the wisdom of nature's order into our daily habits.

I was at a ladies group recently, presenting a talk on 'Why Paying Attention to your Poo could unlock the Secrets to your Health and Vitality' and a lady asked me, "Is it okay to only poo once a week?" Encouraged by her engagement with the subject, I wanted to answer with gentle reassurance for her, but I could not lie and firmly replied with a "No. It is not." And here's why.

Having a poo is part of a natural system. It is the end of a process and should happen at least once a day. To deny this is folly and it will upset the apple cart of your healthy expression as a human being. To release your waste is a fundamental and essential part of your nature. If you do not, you must begin to ask why and take into account not just your diet, but your psychology, and your existing daily habits and lifestyle, when looking for answers. Also factors like medication, present and historical, can have a massive impact on your body's ability to perform naturally. For example, if you've received several courses of antibiotics historically, it would likely have caused a problem with your microbiome - your body's internal ecosystem. Thankfully these kinds of problems can easily be remedied when we're asking the right questions.

The importance of having a daily poo is something that needs to be embraced and not swept under the carpet. There is so much information to be gained from paying attention to this essential part of our natural daily process and it can provide key information for your overall health.

An ideal poo is one that presents comfortably to your awareness, without a sense of urgency, and in sufficient time for you to get yourself to an appropriate facility! It should pass from your bottom without needing to be pushed and definitely without you having to strain. Ideally, it might float for a moment, then sink in the water. Yes it smells - it's meant to - but it shouldn't be stripping the paint off your toilet wall! And then the paperwork.. one or two cursory wipes should finish the job and see you on your merry way. If you're using half a loo roll, not only are you depleting the rain forests, but you're definitely putting something into your body that it doesn't like - so two reasons to get curious!

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