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By Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, Jan 25 2019 04:22PM

During our wonderful summer I began cycling. I thoroughly enjoyed getting on my bicycle and bumbling around our country lanes in a pretty summer dress (hiding ghastly unflattering lycra cycling shorts). But I have to say it requires a bit more determination to get the bike out in this weather. However, I did manage it at the weekend and whilst out in the country, I stopped at a clearing in the hedge, leaned over the gate and watched and felt the energy of this season. Have you ever done that? There is a profound sense of timelessness; a stillness if you like, with little to no movement above ground. There is a haunting hollowness in the quality of sound too. It is almost brittle.

As part of my acupuncture degree, we were required to study the energetic shifts in nature and the seasons, as these correspond to organs within our body. The organs of winter are the Bladder, considered to be the body's energy reservoir, and Kidneys; considered as the Root of Life. At this time of year, we, like mother nature, should be at rest, consolidating our energies, and contemplating and reflecting on our existence. The energy is in the descent, and we should be quiet, gentle and nurturing to ourselves in all ways possible in order to top up our reservoirs. In theory, this will provide us with the resources to take on new ventures when the spring comes.

Sadly, our modern lives do not support this kind of awareness, and we find ourselves doing the opposite; especially with Christmas and all that it brings. Consequently, year after year, we become more and more depleted and instead of feeling just a little tired occasionally, we feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

Health is the most precious gift we can give to ourselves and those that we love. It is much easier to maintain your health than it is to mend what becomes broken. So please, take note and book yourself some time off, for you - to rest, to breathe, to bathe, to read, to stare out of a window - whatever it takes to top up your reserves.

By Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, Jan 5 2017 12:01PM

The brain in your head is often seen at the centre of all thought, sensitivity and emotion in your body. This is sometimes known as a cranio-centric model. Whilst it is responsible for a lot of what we think of as conscious thought, it is processing information from other areas of the body where there are high concentrations of neurons. One of these is your gut which is sometimes referred to as a second brain.

The lining of the gut is filled with hundreds of neurons that collect information and transmit messages. It is a complex system although the processes it controls are simple compared to that of the cranial brain.

It stands to reason that, if your gut is lined with unwanted materials and toxic build up, the capabilities of these neurons can be affected causing you, at the very least, to feel sluggish and tired. It can even lead to you having difficulty absorbing the nutrients you need which can affect the amount of energy you are getting from your food. This is one of the reasons why people have colonic hydrotherapy. In Chippenham, at The Health Gut Clinic, Katherine works with people to clear out their colon and make way for good communication between their guts and their brains. She has a strong interest in the connections within the body.

Colonic Hydrotherapy in Chippenham and mBraining

Katherine has undertaken training with organisations such as mBraining who champion the connection between various neural centres in the body such as the brain, heart and gut. They teach that you can affect the whole system by cleansing each of the areas in some way. In fact, they believe it is essential to pay attention to all three if you want to escape old patterns and poor physical and mental health.

When you choose to work with Katherine, you are availing yourself of a holistic approach to colonic hydrotherapy. Bath, Chippenham, Swindon and the surrounding areas are all places that people travel from to take advantage of this unique and innovative approach.

The brain-gut connection
The brain-gut connection
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