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By Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, Dec 2 2019 02:00AM

Here we are again, perched on the edge of the silly season - Christmas. The perfect time for over indulgence in just about every way, but especially for our poor digestive systems. So I thought, to keep things seasonal but to make a refreshing change, I'd focus on what comes out of our bodies at this time of year, rather than what goes in... I'm sure you don't need another mince pie recipe anyway!

I was recently engaged in a conversation with other colonic therapists about the appropriate frequency for a person to open their bowels. This was sparked by a podcast from a GP who had stated that it was perfectly acceptable for a person to go for a poo once every two or three days. As you can imagine, we see lots of people in the clinic for whom constipation and irregular bowel function is the cause of their visit. Many, if not all of these people have visited their GPs and been similarly reassured that having a poo once or twice a week is an acceptable rhythm if it's natural for them. Well I would beg to differ and here's why.

Releasing waste products is essential for any living thing. Going for a poo daily is part of a natural pattern. Each of our organs has many functions to perform and none of them will do so at an optimal level if they're living in a state of pollution. Have you ever stuck a banana up a car's exhaust pipe? I expect not, but if you did, do you know what would happen? The engine, swamped by its own fumes and unable to access any oxygen, would stall, and so it is with our bodies too. We must keep our exhaust pipes clear!

Whilst constipation can be darned uncomfortable to live with and cause us to feel sluggish in body and mind, the negative effect of not regularly opening our bowels has a much greater impact on our overall wellbeing. Our bodies are masters of adaptation but there are limits to what they can withstand over time. Left unchecked, a chronic constipation pattern can lead to serious health complaints which go far beyond the unwelcome feeling of bloating and fullness.

Often, a cause of constipation is something called dysbiosis. This is the medical term for a bacterial imbalance in our gut. If there is insufficient positive bacteria in the gut, the digestive process is compromised and waste matter literally gets stuck, even when we're eating lots of fibre. When this happens and the poop is stalled, the negative bacteria proliferate. As they give off toxic gases which further pollutes our system, we might find ourselves with bloating and horrible smelling wind. And sadly, when the positive bacteria become overrun by the negative, one of their main functions, which is to maintain the integrity of the gut wall, becomes compromised. Consequently, toxins, pollutants and eventually food particles, will make their way through the gut lining and into the blood stream where they trigger an immune response. This is the beginning of a leaky gut, and leaky gut syndrome is at the root of many health problems and auto immune diseases.

I know we all experience the odd occasion when we don't open our bowels; perhaps a holiday or a change in diet is the trigger, but if constipation is a regular occurrence for you, please don't put up with it for long and speak to us instead. Let us be your pollution solution! If you know people that suffer with this condition, let them know that there is help available at The Healthy Gut Clinic.

Our 21 Day Gut Microbiome Reset Programme

Wow, this is proving to be a huge success amongst our clients and it's so exciting to see the results coming in. We've seen people change their diets for good, eliminate their sugar cravings, enjoy huge weight loss, reduction in body pain and have tonnes more energy. You can view some of the feedback on our Facebook page or check out the series of videos that I shared which clearly evidences the improvements for me. If you'd like to find out more about this programme, please get in touch by sending an email to [email protected] and either myself or Lotus will come back to you.

By Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, Nov 25 2019 02:26PM

Beautiful though it is, the Autumn season can often bring some unwanted gifts in the form of coughs, colds and feelings of generally being under the weather.

I wonder if there are actually more diseases flying around, or is it just that we have become more susceptible to them with compromised immune systems. There is much you can do to help boost your immunity, but there really is nothing better than paying attention to the health of your gut.

It is now known that approximately 70-80% of your immune function is dependent upon a balanced and healthy gut microbiome. Your microbiome is essentially the bacterial environment that lives in and on your body. These bacteria influence your health in more ways than you can imagine, not least your immune system, so when your gut bacteria are out of balance, you will be more susceptible to illness and disease. This could be in the form of the common cold or, when left unchecked, this imbalance (called dysbiosis) can result in autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles do little to support and nourish the positive bacteria that inhabit our tummies and so it is that we find ourselves falling into disease states more readily, and this is why we need to give ourselves a little bit of extra support in this area.

A colonic treatment at this time of year is an excellent idea as it helps to create a more healthy environment within your gut which allows your natural positive bacteria to proliferate. It is also a really good time to release your waste just as nature does. Nature knows when to let go of all that’s no longer required and ideally, we should do the same. Trees do not hold on to their leaves and plants no longer yield produce. Everything has a season, and Autumn is the time for letting go, and if there's one thing that The Healthy Gut Clinic's therapists are really good at, it's helping people get rid of their waste!

The Purify Programme

Back in the day, Hippocrates (circa 640 BC) said that all disease begins in the gut and now modern science is confirming it. Today there are countless studies being carried out on the human microbiome and there is much evidence to suggest that our neglect of this fundamental aspect of our existence makes a significant contribution to many of our 21st Century disease states.

You may recall in our last newsletter that I mentioned I will be offering something new from the clinic. It is a 21 day gut microbiome reset programme called Purify. Essentially, this is an opportunity to cleanse and heal your gut through the use of specific and targeted supplements, and eating only foods during the 21 days that are supportive of gut healing and microbiome purification.

I followed the programme in mid August and have been enjoying the benefits ever since. For me, the biggest bonus has been the loss of my sugar cravings, which has in turn helped me to lose many inches off my waist and hips and consequently, I have more energy and vitality.

It may surprise you to know that the bacteria in your gut actually dictate your food preferences, and if you’re getting cravings for sweetness as I was, it’s because those bad guys want you to feed them. Unfortunately, the bad bacteria give off their own toxins in your system so if you keep on feeding them, it’s a double whammy for your body and not in a good way.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this life enhancing programme, I’ve documented my experience on our Healthy Gut Clinic Facebook page in a series of videos, so please pop over and have a look. You’ll also see the feedback I’ve recently posted from clients who’ve completed the programme and have enjoyed some fabulous results including an increase in energy, improved bowel function, and quite a bit of weight loss too. There are additional testimonials from other users of The Purify Programme here.

By Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, Sep 27 2019 07:49AM

I've been reflecting on something from my Traditional Acupuncture Degree back in 1999.

In the first year of study, along with learning about acupuncture needles, meridians and anatomy, we were required to focus on the natural world. We were encouraged to feel into the energy of each season, and to observe as many changes and shifts as we could and contrast them with each other. We had to study plants, trees and animals, light and darkness, and even smells! At the beginning of that first year, I couldn't really appreciate the value of such a quest, but I have since gained untold benefit from that experience. It has served to support my understanding of my own health and process, and enabled me to get a better handle on that of my clients too.

Is it a fair assumption that most people enjoy a good nature programme on the TV? We are in awe of the capability and order of our natural world aren't we? Yet we tend to observe nature like we are separate from it - like nature is something that is "out there" happening in a field or distant plain or ocean, and us humans are merely the observers of this phenomenon! But that is not true and if we really want to live stronger and healthier lives, we must integrate the wisdom of nature's order into our daily habits.

I was at a ladies group recently, presenting a talk on 'Why Paying Attention to your Poo could unlock the Secrets to your Health and Vitality' and a lady asked me, "Is it okay to only poo once a week?" Encouraged by her engagement with the subject, I wanted to answer with gentle reassurance for her, but I could not lie and firmly replied with a "No. It is not." And here's why.

Having a poo is part of a natural system. It is the end of a process and should happen at least once a day. To deny this is folly and it will upset the apple cart of your healthy expression as a human being. To release your waste is a fundamental and essential part of your nature. If you do not, you must begin to ask why and take into account not just your diet, but your psychology, and your existing daily habits and lifestyle, when looking for answers. Also factors like medication, present and historical, can have a massive impact on your body's ability to perform naturally. For example, if you've received several courses of antibiotics historically, it would likely have caused a problem with your microbiome - your body's internal ecosystem. Thankfully these kinds of problems can easily be remedied when we're asking the right questions.

The importance of having a daily poo is something that needs to be embraced and not swept under the carpet. There is so much information to be gained from paying attention to this essential part of our natural daily process and it can provide key information for your overall health.

An ideal poo is one that presents comfortably to your awareness, without a sense of urgency, and in sufficient time for you to get yourself to an appropriate facility! It should pass from your bottom without needing to be pushed and definitely without you having to strain. Ideally, it might float for a moment, then sink in the water. Yes it smells - it's meant to - but it shouldn't be stripping the paint off your toilet wall! And then the paperwork.. one or two cursory wipes should finish the job and see you on your merry way. If you're using half a loo roll, not only are you depleting the rain forests, but you're definitely putting something into your body that it doesn't like - so two reasons to get curious!

By Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, Feb 9 2017 12:13PM

At Healthy Gut Clinic, Chippenham, stool analysis is just one of the services we offer to help you to get to know your body and systems better. Poo is, hopefully, a regular part of your life and it can tell you a lot about your health and what is going on in your body.

The stool you pass can indicate whether the digestive processes in your body are working well. It can also tell you a lot about your gut bacteria and even indicate early warning signs of bowel cancer. Some people incorporate testing into their yearly health screening routine in order to keep an eye on themselves.

Getting stool analysis in Wiltshire is a simple process that is designed to minimise any embarrassment or unpleasantness that might be worrying you. You do the initial test at home by following simple instructions and then send it off. The results are sent back to Katherine at Healthy Gut Clinic and she can go through them with you to help you decide what, if any, action to take.

Colonic Hydrotherapy in Bath and the surrounding areas

Another service we offer is colonic hydrotherapy which is sometimes known as colonic irrigation. This is where water is gently passed through your colon in order to cleanse it and remove stubborn deposits, mucous or toxins. It’s a great way to give you a fresh start if you are considering making changes to your lifestyle or eating habits. Many people report that they feel better, mentally and emotionally, after a treatment. It may be that, after a reset, persistent issues that you have been living with for a long time are no longer a problem for you.

At The Health Gut Clinic, you are in a professional, hygienic environment where you can feel relaxed. Katherine is frank and straightforward about treatment. Feedback from clients is that she is able to put people at their ease in this unusual situation. She is happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

By Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, Dec 8 2016 12:18PM

ARCH for Colonic Hydrotherapy Regulation
ARCH for Colonic Hydrotherapy Regulation

If you are looking for colonic hydrotherapy in Chippenham and the surrounding areas then you might be wondering how to choose a practitioner?

When a particular treatment first begins to attract patients and practitioners, there will be a lot of variation in the standards of qualification out there. It can be hard for the patient to know who is a well-trained practitioner and who isn’t. This is where regulatory bodies comes in.

What is ARCH?

One of the regulatory bodies for colonic hydrotherapy is ARCH which stands for the Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists. Practitioners who are members of ARCH have had their qualifications verified to ensure they are current and that the training they had was on a recognised and effective course. This means that they had at least 100 hours’ worth of study.

ARCH monitors people through a year-long probationary period and ensures that their members undertake regular continuous professional development (CPD) to ensure that their knowledge and skills remain up to date.

When someone is registered with ARCH, you can also be sure that their clinic adheres to a strict code of hygiene and that they have had a CRB check.

ARCH, in turn, is regulated by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council to ensure that their standards and practices are maintained. This also means that there is a chain of accountability to protect patients and practitioners.

If you are looking for a practitioner then it’s worth checking out their membership of professional bodies. General Medical Council (GMC) guidance confirms that doctors are able to refer patients to practitioners on Accredited Registers.

Katherine & ARCH

Katherine is a member of ARCH and trained in Colonic Hydrotherapy at the National College of Holistic Medicine in Poole. She offers colonic hydrotherapy in Chippenham at The Healthy Gut Clinic. She has treated hundreds of happy customers.

Patients come to Katherine from a wide geographical area including Swindon, Devizes and Bath. Colonic hydrotherapy has the potential to transform your relationship with your body, help you lose weight, clear up skin issues and generally make you feel lighter literally and figuratively.

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