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About Naturopathic Nutrition

Here at the Healthy Gut Clinic, we like to offer a top-to-bottom service that helps you focus on the areas of your life where you can make real changes. Whether you need a quick boost or long-term advice and support, we can either help directly or put you in touch with someone who can do the job.


The food you eat makes all the difference to your energy levels, gut health and general wellbeing. Sometimes, making changes or trying to follow all the advice that’s out there can leave you running around in circles and not sure if you’re actually making any difference. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a naturopathic nutritionist, Rebecca Wilson (Becks), to help you get your sustenance on the right track.


Becks has he own website and services that you can browse here and she’s happy to offer support to our clients who are hoping to make substantial, positive leaps when it comes to how they feel day-to-day.


Becks says this about the work she does:  


“Naturopathic nutrition is an approach to health that uses whole and organic foods, not just as a way of fuelling our bodies but as medicine. Combining traditional Oriental medicine and Western nutrition, it aims to increase performance and wellbeing by understanding how nutritional imbalances may be adding to a person’s symptoms and health concerns.


How we function, both physically and emotionally, is affected in a huge way by the foods we eat. By making adjustments to your general diet, this can really make a difference to your health and the way you feel.


Obviously, everyone is different, which is why your nutrition plan will be designed just for you.


Simply by taking control of your diet, you can take more control over your health.”


About Becks


A food-loving mum of two young boys, Rebecca graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in 2016 with a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition.


Whether you’re looking for help with an existing condition, are aiming to manage your weight or if you just want to improve the way you feel – a naturopathic approach can certainly help.


By following a food and nutrition plan that is personalised to you, you can improve your overall health by eating the right foods, while avoiding the restrictions of what you would normally consider a “diet”.


Rebecca says “I want to help people realise there are many options on the way to good health, that can avoid often over-used medicines or unrealistic diets. I’m passionate about using food to help provide a happy and healthy lifestyle and fascinated at how effective it can be in maintaining good health.”


Contact Details


You can visit Beck’s website or contact her using the details below:



email: [email protected] 

phone: 07840 364779

The booking system is an easy and convenient way to make your next appointment.  However, if this is your first time, you have questions, or you just want to get in touch before going ahead please do using the contact details above.


An EFT session at the beginning of your follow-up colonic treatment helps put your body into a restful state. This will improve the comfort and efficiency of your colonic, enabling your body to fully release.


It will help with any anxiety you might feel about the treatment itself and supports the release of old patterns, beliefs and emotional triggers which could be holding you back from living a life of comfort and confidence.


It is highly recommended for those suffering from anxiety, IBS, constipation and depression.


£75 for 1.5 hours including EFT treatment and colonic (returning clients only)

To book click here

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